Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello, rain!

Well, June is officially the 'rainy season' in Japan. It seems to have come a week or so early this year, because this last week has been terrible (and by comparison, this week looks great!). It's also hot (up to 30C already) and humid (80%, ugh). Rides now have to start at 7am to avoid the worst of it...

Last week I got one single ride in, on Sunday. Short (well, around 70km) but fairly intense, and a new route that turned out to be very nice. Nice group ride too, with quite a few people, including a few new faces.

Steve leading the charge up the final (steep!) climb

Peter (in white) and myself (in blue/black) coming up the same climb

Solomon (in bright colours) pulling up the hill on a fixed gear - maniac!

Grecia (in red) leading Matty to the top

Here's to a busier next week... if I can fit in any riding around my work...

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