Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Had to cut a nice ride short on Sunday because my front tyre exploded. Literally exploded, with a loud bang. Scary moment because a front blowout causes you to lose control rather, and I was doing about 50+ km/h at the time...

Managed to boot it and limp home (and it was still bulging THROUGH the boot!) but yesterday brought a lengthy and rather painful tyre replacement day.

This is AFTER I booted it and got home. Huge cut, right through the casing.

New set of Challenge Criterium 320s (yes my wheels are filthy).

Hopefully I'll get more than 1500 km and 2 months out of these. A little underwhelmed by those Vittoria Open Corsa CXs - supposedly the best open tubular on the market. I'm back to Challenge Criteriums again - they were great last time until I wore them down too far and started getting punctures galore (and then the final rear blowout). I'll be more mindful of the wear on them this time!

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