Thursday, 13 June 2013


Well, Japan is currently wrapped up in something of a heatwave - it's about 6 Celcius hotter than it should be at this time of year. The rainy season is a total no-show and has been replaced by intense heat and sunshine instead. Great.

It is, consequently, just too damn hot to ride. Just how much have I ridden this week?

I haven't ridden at all.

This looks like continuing for several more days, too. Not impressed...

Last Sunday I did actually manage a short trip, early in the morning before it became so oppressively hot (and it was overcast most of the day). Grecia and I headed up to Kibune and Kurama by bike, then did a short (~6-7km) hike, then returned by bike. It was actually really nice to fit in some sightseeing and mix it up a bit for a change. I think we'll be doing that more often.

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