Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Castelli Challenge: Failed

Yeah, it wasn't happening. Didn't even reach the 2/3 mark (quite), which I'm a little disappointed about. I got screwed over by the sudden increase in temperatures, really, leaving no time to acclimatise. Completing a challenge isn't worth the risk of wrecking yourself.

Did get some good riding in, though. Lots of quality time in some beautiful places - I could probably have completed this if I just did lots of flat rides but I decided to head into the mountains instead. Since it was a challenge designed to commemorate the pivotal climbing stages of the Giro d'Italia, I feel like I did it some justice even without finishing it.

Meanwhile, last Saturday we all got together to watch the penultimate (and final mountain) stage of the Giro, accompanied by lots of quality cheese (a rare treat in Japan) and beer/wine. Good times with a lot of very good people.

This week looks rather rainy (today is foul and it's set to get worse at least through to Thursday) so I'm not hopeful of much good riding before the weekend! Oh well, let's see what happens...

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