Monday, 6 May 2013

Can't win 'em all... but I'm gonna win this one!

Well, real life got in the way and I didn't manage another ride after my century before the challenge ended, so I failed to complete it. Not really annoyed - work has to come first (and my work is a whole other story right now...) and there are other things more important than just riding. So oh well!

However, I managed 86% completion (1138km) which is still a good deal of riding in one month. And at least I get a 75% completion badge, which is neat I guess.

Starting in a week - when I'm clear of work deadlines again - is another pretty hardcore challenge: Castelli's Battaglia in Montagne. Ride 813km (the total distance of 5 iconic Giro d'Italia mountain stages) in 14 days. I feel like it should be an elevation challenge rather than a distance one, but oh well.

I'm really starting to enjoy longer rides so I'll be giving this a good crack for sure. Stay tuned!

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