Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Summertime Blues

It's only early May but summer is well and truly here already. Temperatures topping 30 Celcius (a road sign claimed 33C while I was out riding yesterday!) tend to make life pretty interesting on the bike...

Think you can drink enough? Think again! You're perpetually chugging water and electrolyte drinks, then you come home still dehydrated and chug some more. A couple of days ago I came home and put back a 1l bottle of water without stopping. In any other circumstances I'd be impressed.

Think you won't burn? Good luck. You have to slather on more sun cream about every half hour because you sweat so much of it off... even the 'water resistant' stuff... to have even a hope of not burning.

Think you'll get a nice tan? Well I hope you like lines. If you want a full-body summer tan, cycling probably isn't the sport for you.

It's only going to get worse...

September, you cannot come soon enough...

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