Friday, 1 March 2013

Snowboarding in Niseko

The week of 11-17th February myself, Grecia and Kitt headed up to Hokkaido, and in particular Niseko resort area, to get some actual winter sports in while the conditions are still good.

Kitt has been a keen snowboarder for years, so he attempted to get us into it as well. Given my previous attempt as skiing, and snowboarding's reputation as being even harder, I wasn't sure it would go well... but I actually found myself picking it up pretty quickly. By the time the second day rolled around, both myself and Grecia could get down pretty steep 'green' runs without falling - not bad, I reckon!

Niseko is famous for powder snow and my god, it didn't disappoint. Conditions were stunning, as were some of the views...

It's a shame I only started at the end of the winter season, but I'm definitely keen to get more boarding done next season. It's definitely easier to go boarding than it is to go climbing, and with this year's lack of partners meaning I got absolutely zero ice climbing done, that can only be a good thing...

At the top of our last run of the trip, with Mt Yotei ('Hokkaido's Mt. Fuji) in the background

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