Wednesday, 6 February 2013

125km of unplanned pain (and fun, honestly)

Two or three of us will often ride on Tuesday mornings now, but this week, somehow seven of us ended up coming out bright and early.

Two of the group did only the regular morning loop (about 30km) because of time constraints, three more continued to do about 90km total and myself and Ryo carried on and both did around 125km, presumably because we're stupid.

Really nice ride in surprisingly warm and clear winter weather. And really great to have such a large group, especially so early in the morning (we met at 8am)! Super route too.

Definitely feeling it in my legs today, though...

The whole motley crew...
Left to right: Grecia, Alex (back), Ryo (front), Adriano, Cory, Rafael, me
Bashing along the climb of the morning loop
Cruising along the Rainbow Bridge
Hunkering down into the drops to get through the headwind along south Biwa lake

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