Thursday, 24 January 2013

A week of pain

Got another good set of stats in last week - 270km and nearly 4500m of climbing. Not bad!

It's been a painful week, though. Firstly my final wisdom tooth has been pushing through and that's had me downing (weak Japanese) ibuprofen like a madman. Turns out the adrenaline and endorphins from riding are a far better painkiller!

On Sunday we took a long ride out to Kameoka and then north into the mountains. Between low temperatures, terrible roads (including what must have been 5km of MTB trail), slush, ice, wet leaves, a dropped chain (my fault) and a puncture (not my fault - who leads a group of roadies onto an MTB trail, anyway?!) it was an eventful ride. I've been taking a few days off since then, trying to deal with this tooth and what feels like a small cold, probably as a result of such a late finish and slight underdressing on Sunday.

This is why you carry a puncture kit...
This week has been slower (first ride of the week tomorrow, hopefully) but sometimes you just need a few days rest...

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