Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gearing up for a Challenge

The Strava BMC 79mi Challenge is coming up this weekend, 'challenging' me to ride 79mi (about 125km) within a 24 hour period. On a geared bike this would be easy. On a fixed gear, probably not so much. I forsee much pain.

The route I've planned will take me up to Takao (with a group of friends) for some momiji (autumn leaves) viewing, then back down and along the rivers to Kizu and then back to Kyoto (the route I took when I was hit by that Prius last time). In other words, it starts off with a nice long Cat 4 hill climb, then provides about 90 km of flat terrain which I should be able to drag myself along no matter what, even if it gets dark before I finish (it probably will). I think one or two people will be joining me for the entire ride - Grecia and Cory, probably - but they'll be on geared road bikes so I'm sure they'll be laughing at my condition towards the end. Oh well, company is company, I guess...

Since I'm supposed to be leading this group to Takao on Sunday, I rode it alone yesterday to check it out, after an early morning run up to Ohara (this is becoming a regular thing now, and I'm worried that I may be in danger of becoming a 'morning person'...). Mainly to see if most of the rest of the group can make it, to be honest. Strava log below.

The hill to/from Takao is steep! In fact the return journey back out of the valley begins with a kilometre of 8.2% average grade, which is nasty with only one gear. Still, a beautiful ride and the scenery when you get into Takao is incredible at this time of year. I went to check out Saimyo-ji temple but saved the rest for Sunday.

It's stuff like this that makes the pain and suffering of climbing hills so entirely worthwhile...


More to come after Sunday, hopefully... although I can't guarantee I'll have any energy left to update this blog when I get back!

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