Monday, 18 November 2013

India, Part 2: Jodhpur

Jodhpur: Mehrangarh Fort, Siddhnath Mahadev Ashram

The plan was to take a 17-hour sleeper train between Amritsar and Jodhpur, but we very nearly didn't make it. We jumped on the train at the correct platform and I left Grecia in one of the rear carriages while I went to find the conductor to upgrade our tickets. Upon finding the conductor and showing him our tickets, he began yelling at me to get off the train - apparently this was not our service! After a frantic run down half a train's worth of busy aisles, I reach Grecia just as the train is pulling away from the station. We scramble to the door, throw our bags onto the platform, and leap off after them. Too close!

Thankfully we managed to catch the correct train (at a different platform, half an hour late) and spent 17 hours in surprising comfort before reaching Jodhpur in the early morning.

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