Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Seven Summits Challenge: Rapha Rising 91% Complete

Been wanting to try this for some time; this seemed like an opportune period (Rapha Rising and all).

I tried and easier version of this back a few months ago (and failed it due to weather). I wasn't convinced that I would manage it this time around, especially since I made it harder (added the heinous Hanase Omote and Atagosan climbs), and, well...

I didn't finish it. I did manage 5 out of the 7, though, including Hanase Omote - definitely happy with that!

The idea was to climb all of the big climbs in northern Kyoto (reasonably possible with a road bike), in order, from east to west. Start all of them from the Kyoto side (i.e. no loops). They are, in order:

1 - Hieizan (to Hieizan Driveway turning)
2 - Ebumi Pass (East)
3 - Hanase Omote
4 - Kumogahata & Mochikoshi Pass (East)
5 - Kyoumi Touge
6 - Climb to Takao
7 - Climb up Atagosan from Hozuky┼Ź

In bold are the ones I managed to complete. Having to deal with Atagosan at the end is really, really harsh (it's more or less another Hanase Omote) but I think in cooler temperatures, with a full day, it's definitely doable if you're fit enough. I'll probably try it again in a few months.

Photos from the five summits:

1 - Hieizan
2 - Ebumi Pass (East)
3 - Hanase Omote
4 - Mochikoshi Pass (East)
5 - Kyoumi Touge

All in all, this brings me to 91% completion on Rapha Rising. I'm so close I can practically smell it... even if it is clouded by the smell of my shoes and bib shorts...

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